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Have you ever seen something so amazing that it completely changed the way you see the world? An amazing work of art or a breathtaking mountain vista or a thought-provoking historical site, perhaps? I’ve been lucky enough to see and experience all those things, and they’ve each changed me in some way. But the most surprising thing that changed my outlook on the world is crochet.

That might seem like hyperbole, but it isn’t! Let me explain. When I applied for my first job at Interweave (assistant editor of Interweave Crochet), I had a few years of publishing experience under my belt but basically zero craft experience. My only knowledge of crochet was the granny-square afghans I saw on the backs of sofas in my favorite TV shows. So when I picked up a copy of the magazine (the Fall 2014 issue) to prep for my interview, I was completely blown away.

The issue that first opened my eyes to the wonders of crochet: Fall 2014. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

For someone who had only ever thought of crochet as an old-fashioned craft with little place in the modern world, the pages of Interweave Crochet were life changing. I had no idea such beautiful, versatile, creative things could be made with this craft. The projects in that first issue made me so excited to work at Interweave and learn more about what crochet could do.

The Summer Marsala Tunic from Summer 2015 made me realize that crochet could be sophisticated! Photo by Harper Point Photography.

In the nearly four years I’ve been here, that sense of wonder has never gone away. (And as my role has expanded, I’ve been able to marvel at the possibilities of the crafts we explore in our other publications.) I love seeing what editor Sara Dudek comes up with for each issue because it never ceases to amaze me. “I didn’t know crochet could do that!” is a constant refrain of mine. Lace, tapestry, Tunisian—there’s always something new to explore.

Projects like the Aloe Wrap from Spring 2018 give classic stitches a modern twist and issue continue to expand our ideas about what crochet can do. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

And I don’t just enjoy the patterns! I love learning, so the articles are also a huge draw for me. Each issue includes product and book reviews to keep your craft room well stocked, feature articles that let you explore the wide world of crochet, and technique articles that help you hone your craft. It’s a truly enjoyable read from cover to cover!

If you love to explore this incredible craft as much as I do, to really push its limits and see what it can do while still remaining true to its historic roots, I’d really encourage you to subscribe to Interweave Crochet. It’s the best way to make sure you see all the amazing things crochet can do! And if you know a budding crocheter, a gift subscription is a fantastic gift—it’s an inexpensive way to keep them interested in our craft and open their eyes to a wonderful world.

Happy crocheting!

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