WIP: Results of the Ghost Ranch Shawlette Crochet-Off

We’ve come to the end of the Ghost Ranch Shawlette “crochet-off”. All of the projects have turned out beautifully. We also learned a thing or two about how we individually crochet, read patterns, and handle charts.

Lynn had very little trouble following the pattern or obtaining the recommended gauge. She had this to say, “I really enjoyed this project! It was very quick to make, at least for me. I generally have a couple hours each evening to work on a project, and on some days I was able to fit in a row before work. It’s a pretty easy project. When working the border, though, I had to rip out part of row 1 a few times, and part of row 3 once, since I missed some treble crochets multiple times! Also, be sure to block it when finished it really needs a good blocking to open up the border lace to make it look its best.”

Suzanne found that her loose tension did cause an issue with the gauge. Given that you only have 1 ball of yarn to work with, the gauge is extremely important. She found the chart was easier for her to read than the written pattern. She said, “Once I figured it out, it flew off my hook. I am a loose crocheter and wish I had continued using 1 hook size smaller than indicated in the pattern. I had to cut back 1 or 2 rows of the shells in the body to allow all the rows for the border.”

Michelle had the exact opposite issue with her gauge, she crochets with very tight stitches. In order to make the most of her yarn, she had to go up 2 hook sizes and add a row to the body of the shawl. She reported, “The Ghost Ranch Shawlette is a wonderful surprise waiting to happen. The pattern is simple with its easy to remember repeats. The use of a combination of basic stitches produces a beautiful effect. The yarn choice allows the slow reveal of the wonderful change in color. As a fingering weight yarn, it is light enough to give the shawlette a delicate feel without being so fine that it taxes the hands and eyes. This is a great project for a beginning crocheter with its simplicity and wonderful results.”

I, myself, used the recommended hook size and still cut it close with the amount of yarn left over. I did have to rip it out and start over when it dawned on me that my gauge was off. I also found the chart very helpful and used it in conjunction with the pattern.

The entire project was loved by everyone who participated. All of the finished shawls turned out beautifully. Lynn, Suzanne and Michelle did a fantastic job and I can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the project.

I hope this has inspired a few of you to try your hand at this shawlette. You will not be disappointed.

Keep On Hookin’ On,

—Dana Leigh

Hook Into the Ghost Ranch Shawlette


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