Wednesday WIP: Ghost Ranch Shawlette

As an avid crocheter, I am always ready and willing to tackle a new challenge. So, imagine my enthusiasm when the idea was presented for me to put together a “crochet-off”.

Crocheters will often compare and contrast their work. Especially when working on a similar project. One person may have a tension that borders on the tight side while another person crochets loosely. Some crocheters take longer to complete a project while others can whip through it in no time. It is always fun to see how differently a project can turn out when several individuals work on it separately. So here we go!

The Challenge

Crochet the Ghost Ranch Shawlette

The Players

Co-workers Lynne Lounsbury, Michelle Sokol, Suzanne VanderBorgt, and myself

The Mission

To create a beautiful accessory out of 1 ball of Freia Ombré Fingering yarn

The Ghost Ranch Shawlette, by Sigris Arnott, is inspired by her Tahitian Shawl pattern from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012. The pattern consists of the body and its border. The shawlette is constructed from 2 triangles that increase out from a single shell at center top. One shell is added at each outside edge between the last 2 treble crochets of a row, and 2 are increased in center chain of the row below.

ghost ranch shawlette

The Freia Ombré Fingering yarn is 100 % super wash merino wool. The colorway is brilliantly designed to allow you to pull the yarn from the center for one look or pull from the outside of the ball to get a completely different look! I know, I know… mind blown. The bottom line is, this yarn is gorgeous and will make a gorgeous shawl.

Stayed tuned as we tackle the Ghost Ranch Shawlette, one stitch at a time.

Without further ado, Lynne, Michelle, and Suzanne, raise your crochet hooks.

On your mark, get set, crochet!

Keep On Hookin’ On,

—Dana Leigh

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