WIP Wednesday: Faux Cabled Blanket Is Now a Pillow

Ever since I edited Quick Crochet for the Home  and got the final book in my hands, I’ve been thinking about incorporating more crochet into my home. It’s perfect timing, since my husband and I recently bought our first house and it could certainly use some decorating!

There is a lot to love in this book, but I’ve been especially making eyes at the Faux Cabled Blanket. Yet even as it drew me in, it intimidated me a little. Not because I’d never crocheted with bulky yarn (I hadn’t) or because I’d never tried crocheting cables (hadn’t done that either), but because it is so . . . big. As many times as I’ve tried, I have never managed to finish crocheting an afghan, and I wasn’t quite feeling up for attempting it now.

All that said, I really did want to try those crocheted cables. So I thought, what if I made this blanket on a smaller scale and turned it into a pillow cover?

I started with acquiring the yarn. This pattern calls for Lion Brand Yarns Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and I decided to use it in the same Fisherman colorway used for the blanket in the book. This yarn is wonderfully sturdy as well as squishy and soft, which makes it perfect for home décor projects—especially for a pillow my 5- and 7-year-old sons will likely put through the ringer.

I did a quick swatch and got gauge for the pattern as written on the first try. (I can’t be the only one who finds this extremely satisfying.) Instead of buying a pillow form, I grabbed one of the many 24″ square pillows we have around the house and based my measurements on that. Taking those measurements and stitch repeat requirements into account, I hooked up a 55-stitch starter chain and got to work.

cabled pillow

To my delight, I quickly discovered how EASY crocheted cables can be. The ones in this pattern simply require triple-crochet post stitches done on a diagonal to create the crisscross affect. That’s it! And of course, bulky yarn stitches up so fast that before I knew it, I had finished the entire front piece. So far, this project is certainly living up to the title of the book it resides in—it really is quick crochet for the home!

I’m thinking I’ll stitch up the back in single crochet so the pillow has a “smooth side.” Maybe I’ll even get a little fancy and make the back in two pieces, with buttons on one side so I can remove the cover for easy cleaning. Whatever I do, I know it will be quick, and I can’t wait to put it on display in my living room.

So how about you: are you working on anything for your home? Extra points from me if you’ve finished an afghan . . .

– Maya Elson
Content Editor, Interweave Books

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