Winky Winky the Owl


Lorene Eppolite


Let’s face it, almost everyone has an owl hat pattern but I wanted to make one for my daughter since she loves owls.  I can never just follow someone else’s pattern, I always have to make my own.  So I did, but I tried to make it different than all the other owl hats out there.  This is the only owl hat I have seen that has one eye open and one eye winking.  It is also the only one I’ve ever seen with a ring of color around the eyes… now I’m not saying there aren’t any others like it, but none that I could find.

Winky Winky the Owl is a great Spring hat since she is made with 100% cotton.  She will keep your little ones warm on those breezy but brisk Spring days, but she won’t get them all sweaty like an acrylic hat would.  The hat pattern is written in three sizes, 3-6mo, 6-12mo and 12-24 mo but can easily be modified to fit anyone.  This sizing chart is a helpful tool to customize any hat pattern.

Materials List

100% cotton yarn, I used Peaches N’Cream
5.5mm hook for hat
4.0mm hook for appliques

Finished Size

3-6mo, 6-12mo and 12-24mo


no gauge


I recommend using my seamless method described here.  Use the second method listed for this hat.

The Pattern

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