Wiggle It Crochet Trivert and Dishcloth Set


Tamara Kelly


I found a great way to get the wiggly crochet look, but in the round! I’m not sure if it’s officially “wiggly crochet” anymore, but it definitely uses the same general idea.

The trivet and dishcloth are essentially the same pattern; the trivet just keeps getting bigger! So if the trivet is too big for your needs, just stop increasing when you like the size and go to the finishing row of the base mesh. Go way bigger and add a non-skid backing, and you can make a gorgeous super luxurious plush rug!

Materials List

  • US – G, 4.00mm hook
  • Worsted weight kitchen cotton, in 2 – 9 colors (small amounts on up to 90 yds for base of trivet)
  • Dishcloth: 5.5″ finished diameter
  • Trivet: 11″ finished diameter

Finished Size

Dishcloth: 5.5 inch diameter

Trivet: 11 inch diameter


The Base Mesh is made all in one color, but then each round of ruffles is added separately – make them all the same color, alternate two colors, make each one different… it’s up to you!

The Pattern

For full pattern written instructions and  tutorial photos of this technique, visite moogly’s Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set! Thank you!

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