Why You Should Crochet the Paige Hoodie

Have you crocheted the Paige Hoodie from Interweave Crochet Winter 2015 yet? If not, you really need to add this crochet hoodie to your queue. Color, technique, style, and of course the hood-this design has everything to make it one of your favorite layers. And with sizing up to a fifty-eight inch bust this cardigan will fit a wide range of body types, plus it looks great with extra ease.

Paige Hoodie by Jill Wright  

Jill Wright uses a crochet ribbing technique utilizing front post double crochet stitches to create the textured ribbing at the hem and wrists. This creates a slightly thicker ribbing than the ribbing generally creating using single crochet or half double crochet stitches worked in the back loop only. But I love the texture you can create with this technique. It is a ribbing stitch that is definitely unique to crochet.

It's the gorgeous combination of colors that highlight the spike stitch pattern. Color choice is incredibly important. Because the spike stitches are worked over the top of previous rows, you need a color that will show up against the colors in those rows already worked.


The colors used for the sample of the Paige Hoodie fall into three distinct zones. That's what we called them in my photography class anyway. You will notice that the ivory yarn is light colored, the green is a medium hue, and the blue is a darker shade. Even if this sweater were photographed in black and white, the colors and stitch pattern would still show up distinctly.

One design element that fascinates me is the length of the Paige Hoodie. This cardigan extends to the thighs, giving it the length of a tunic. The result is a comfortable top. I love the casual but expensive look. Of course, if you don't fancy the pattern length, it is easy to shorten. Modify the design to compliment your body.


And we can't ignore the best part of this design-the hood! I love hoods, when I was younger I even had hoods on my t-shirts. Okay, I still have hoods on a few of my t-shirts. The spike stitch pattern continues on this hood, and it looks great up or laying down the back of the cardigan.

Add the Paige Hoodie to your wardrobe this summer with the Paige Hoodie Kit. You will receive a print copy of Interweave Crochet Winter 2015 and all the yarn you need to finish your cardigan in the same colors as the sample. You'll love this cardigan!

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P.S. Share your favorite design element of the Paige Hoodie in the comments, or even an element that you would change in your own version.

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