Why Blogs Are Great (AKA Don’t Mess With Them)

Via Amy's blog, I just read a post by Jane of Yarnstorm wherein she articulates very well the effects of nastiness on blogs.

I've posted here before about why I think blog nastiness is stupid. I've also posted about how important I think it is that constructive criticism be welcomed.

It's unfortunate that Jane felt she was sticking her neck out when she wrote what she did. She wrote it so calmly, clearly, and responsibly, it struck me as hardly risque. But in a community where honesty isn't always rewarded with respectful disagreement, I can see where her wariness came from.

I'm going to go write an email I've been mulling over for a couple of days, and I realize I've had a similar thought about it: I'm going to disagree with what I perceive might be the popular opinion about an issue, and I'm taking care to disagree respectfully in hopes my opinion will in turn be respected.

It's about copyright, and I'll post some or all of my thoughts here when I'm done.

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