Who Lives in a Pineapple?

That would be me (not SpongeBob SquarePants, as some of you might have guessed)

What is it about the pineapple motif that makes crocheters weak in the knees? It's not just me. When I mention it to other crocheters they all go "Oh! I love the pineapple!" Whether it's worked in a tiny border or doily or exploded into a garment, it is a satisfying bit of crochet lace.

I was first smitten by Tammy Hildebrand's Capri Cover from the Summer 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet when I was reading the pattern. And you know how it goes when I get smitten—I have to make the pattern again and again.

I made my first Capri Cover as we were going to press. I started my second one just as soon as I wove in the ends on the first. The next three came pretty soon after. By the time  the TNNA show and CGOA's Chain Link Conference rolled around in late June, I had a full wardrobe of pineapple lace. And then I felt like I was in the tropics, basking as I was in the glow of compliments—really, this lace has that power.

Note: Even after a bunch of other people read over this pattern, we found a glitch after it went to print: On Yoke Rnd 12 and Body Rnds 10 and 22, you should work 5 chains (instead of 3 as the pattern indicates) over the tip of the pineapple. I actually made mine (all of them) using the ch-3 method, and it gives the lace a little swerve in before blocking. But the two little chains do give you a bit more wiggle room. I recommend it.

Yarn: Berroco Weekend (75% acrylic, 25%  Peruvian cotton; 205 y; 5934 pitch black)
3.5 hanks

Hook: H/8 (5 mm)

Mods: None

This is the first cover-up I made, worked in the first yarn I could get my hands on that was close enough to the yarn listed in the pattern. The yarn is a bit thicker than called for, so I moved up a hook size. It's really winter lace—it would be great over a long-sleeve Tee when the temperature drops down enough to bear thinking of wearing layers that aren't whisper thin.

Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima (100% pima cotton; 220 yards; 3769 ginger)
3. 5 hanks

Hook: G/6 (4mm)

Mods: None

Love the color, love the fit, love the gauge. It's perfect gauge in fact. Cascade Ultra Pima is the sister yarn to the yarn used in the pattern (Cascade Cotton Rich DK, 64% cotton / 36% nylon). Just make one in every color.

Yarn: Knit One, Crochet Too TyDy (100% cotton; 196 y; 574 magenta moss)
not quite two balls

Hook: G/6 (4mm)

Mods: ended at Body Rnd 10 for a cropped top

I found a couple balls of this yarn lounging in my stash, where they had been awaiting some love. This cropped lace is just right for a teen. I worked it once, then ripped it back and re-crocheted it in a larger size. Those children do insist on growing.

Yarn: Wolle's Yarn Creations (100% cotton; 865 y; charcoal 7)

Hook: G/6 (4mm)

Mods: After pattern is complete, Work Rnd 13 two times, then Rnds 14-22 one time

I LOVE this top. The brilliantly blended Wolle yarn morphs gracefully from light gray to dark gray, thanks to the skills of Elisabeth Drum of Charlottesville Virginia. I discovered this yarn at the Carolina Fiberfest, upon the recommendation of Kate S of the Off the Hook Crochet Guild of Durham NC (which, btw, started working on a crochet cover for a bull before Olek covered the Wall Street bull).

Wolle yarn is available in muffins of 240, 480 or 865 yards. I used less than a full mega muffin (865 yards). If you're making one of the smaller sizes, consider a 480-yard muffin, so you can get the full effect of the color change. Or get the mega size and make a dress (oh, swoon!).

The yarn is listed as fingering. I worked it with a size G hook and I moved up a pattern size to accommodate the finer gauge. The yarn is made up of four strands laid together, not plied. So the foundation row calls for some focused crocheting. After that round though, you are working into spaces, not stitches, so it's quite easy. Between the cotton and the laciness, the garment will grow a bit as you wear it.

Yarn: Classic Elite Firefly (75% viscose, 25% linen; 155 yards; color 7754)
8 balls

Hook: G/6 (4mm)

Mods: After pattern is complete, (work Rnd 13 three times, Rnds 14-22) three times

This, my friends, is the piece de resistance. The piece that stops knitters, crocheters, non-fiber people altogether in their tracks to say "Wow!" And just think if it were done in RED! How awesome would that be? (oh, pardon me while I go Google / ogle some red yarn–maybe Berroco Seduce?).

The yarn is finer than called for in the pattern, so I moved up a pattern size. I actually made it a whole rep longer, but after I blocked it, it pooled on the floor. So I pulled out a full rep (not a pretty thing to do, especially since I'd already woven in the ends.) The viscose/ linen blend will grow a bit while you're wearing it, so make it a tad shorter than you want for the finished length. You can adjust the length by inch increments by working more or fewer reps of Rnd 13

I can't wait to see your Capri Covers! Please share them in the gallery.

Happy crocheting!

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