Whimsical Bathroom Rug


Penny Vaughan


This is my second crochet project. It is a rug for my bathroom in the appropriate colors to match my bathroom decor. Like my 1st project, I found a pattern that gave me the inspiration to create my own thing. I am still a beginner, so the projects are fairly easy, and this project is very easy! This time around I learned my lesson and wrote the pattern down as I went along. I did not do that with my 1st project. So I am learning as I go and I am totally enjoying crochet every step of the way! I hope you all enjoy this pattern and I hope it inspires you to do something as well.

Materials List

4 ply yarn
20 oz. of various color choices – This rug used 5oz. each of Lavender, Teal, Colbolt Blue and Yellow
Hook size I/9

Yarn needle

Finished Size

25×40 1/2 inches


4sc = 1 inch

2sc rows = 1 inch


The yarn used on this project is called “Caron – Simply Soft Eco”. It is a polyester fiber made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The Pattern

RUG STRIPS (make 10)

Row 1 – Chain 10, sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in each rem ch across to make 9 sc per row, sc 14 rows, Change color and sc additional 14 rows. Continue changing color ever 14 rows until you have completed 140 rows, or 9 bricks of 14 rows each. At row 140 sc 7 rows of one color and finish off at row 147

*changing colors: Each full row has 10 and 1/2 bricks, each of a different color. Each full brick is 14 sc rows; Each 1/2 brick is 7 sc rows. Each full

strip totals 147 sc rows. Fasten off each strip at row 147. You can vary your rows by doing 8 full bricks and 5 half bricks, 9 full bricks and 3 1/2 bricks (etc), or any combination you want.

*If you follow each row to instruction having 10 full bricks and one 1/2 brick at the end, when putting together strips be sure to flip every other row horizontally so that every other row has a 1/2 brick on top side.

I varied each row differently as you can see in the picture. Be creative! ;o)

Rows 2 – 147 REPEAT


Sew strips together using a whip stitch and do each in one color of yarn. NOTE: You could change color of yarn to correspond with one of the colors

of the bricks. That might give the rug a “cleaner” look, but I preferred using a solid color to make a solid line as I think it adds character to the piece.

Front Side

Back Side

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