Where's Wally Beanie


Olivia Kent



I started reading “Where’s Wally” books at the young age of six. I would love looking through all the colourful and extremely busy pages in search of ‘MY’ Wally… Back then I didn’t have that much patience, so after a few minutes of searching without finding I would just give up.
Now, years later in a desperate attempt to prove my loyalty to Wally I have decided to make this hat/beanie!
… Ok, you caught me! I made the beanie without any thought of Wally in my head at the time, and when it was finally done It happened to remind me of Him. I just thought the back round story would sound cooler haha

Materials List

4.50 Crochet Hook
Wool/Tapestry Needle
2 Different 50g Balls of Yarn. I used Red and Light Blue
1 100g Ball of Yarn. Note: This colour will also be your Band/Ribbing. I used Dark Blue

The Pattern

Find free pattern here~ http://hopefulhoney.com/2012/04/wheres-wally.html

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