Where’d the Summer Go?

Seraphina Shawl: Stitch Details

I've produced nothing but radio silence here for a month. My apologies! My goodness, what a summer. How's your summer been?

I suppose the theme of my summer has been health. My partner's grandfather died, his grandmother's been in the hospital for two months, and my father is going to have surgery next week. On the bright side, I took up jogging, which is something I never thought I'd do.

As you might imagine, it hasn't been the easiest summer. But I wouldn't say it's been a bad one. It's reaffirming to feel the support and love of our friends, family and our greater community.

And I've been making stuff. A month ago I started my second Seraphina's Shawl. I made my first one (pictured) almost three years ago, out of some aran weight alpaca yarn I picked up while on a book tour to promote Crochet Me. I haven't yet taken a photo of the one I'm currently working on, but it's in blue laceweight silk. I just love this pattern so much. It's a very simple four-row repeat, and it's just so elegant and clever. I managed to leave the project at home before coming on this trip, and I'm kicking myself about it. I was looking forward to the simple stitching while we wait for news in the hospital next week. Thankfully, I also brought some knitting.

So tell me, now that summer's winding down, what are your fall crafting plans?

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