Where Have You Gone with Crochet?

Do your crochet projects transport you to a new fantastical location? When you close your eyes while working on a colorwork project, can you imagine the sun and sounds of East India? As post stitches twist into cables can you feel the nip of the wind as it whips through the Alps?

Saorise Stole by Doris Chan  

Interweave Crochet Fall 2013 takes you on an adventure though a Colorado national historic landmark. Here is Interweave Crochet Editor Marcy Smith to tell you about her latest adventure.

The Chautauquas

  Better Than His Sweater by Amy Gunderson

For our Fall issue, we went back to school, sort of. For two days, we stayed at Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark, which sprang up as part of the Chautauqua cultural education movement that swept the nation in the late nineteenth century. Chautauquas, which once numbered about 225, have dwindled to a couple dozen across the nation. Colorado's Chautauqua-which focuses on music, theater, dance, and film-has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1898. The village, with its delightful cottages, looks like the idyllic summer retreat that it is.

Colorado's Chautauqua is nestled against the magnifi­cent Flatirons, five rock formations surrounded by trails that are traversed daily by great crowds of intrepid locals and visitors alike. On a summer Saturday, a nearby green is the gathering spot for a couple with a picnic spread on a quilt, children chasing one another, a flying disk midair, and a tattooed man practicing tai chi. It is a vital gathering spot in Boulder. And for two days, it was our playground for capturing images of a rich collection of crochet projects.

Thistle Cowl by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton  

Think of this issue as a crochet Chautauqua. Explore new paths into crochet cables in Wander (page 34). Brush off your math skills with the clever interplays of color and geometry in Color Outside the Lines (page 16). Stop by the woods to ­find leafy inspiration in Leaf by Leaf (page 78). Find your Zen with the Eastern-inspired garments in Haiku (page 58).

  Perspective Purse by Ellen Gormley

Learn, play, relax.


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