When the phone rings too early…

Sunny morning, with coffee… like at 6:30am… there's nothing to do but wake up and enjoy the lovely morning.

And, really, how could I not enjoy it? After three days of sitting in one spot working on the issue, I'm thrilled with it and I'm also excited to get off this couch (after I spend an hour or so debugging some glitches).

In addition to creating a depression in the sofa cushion, I have been crocheting. In fact, for the first time in a while, I found myself at TNNA absolutely itching to stick my hook into yarn. See, I was lucky enough to score a Magic Ball from Be Sweet Yarns (in the Quarry Stone colourway). I wound it up right away, but didn't get a chance to play with it until I was on the plane coming home. So I sat in my aisle seat, listened to four episodes of Cast On, and crocheted the longest swatch I've ever made. I worked it in extended single crochet (esc), a stitch I grew to love when I was crocheting the hats for the TYV book last year.

Be Sweet Magic Ball, swatch versionI rarely have the patience to sit still and swatch for the sake of swatching, so I really enjoyed being stuck in one spot with nothing better to do. I loved seeing how the different yarns behaved, and I was satisfied to have spent the quiet time working this up. Granted, it came out an ugly patchwork.

So I ripped it out (painstakingly), rewound it, and will soon work a scarf lengthwise. This is an excellent exercise in getting the most out of a $40 ball of yarn. The component yarns are yummy; I'll have had eight hours of delightful crochet time; I'll have made the equivalent of about 13 swatches; I'll have a lovely scarf in the end.

Stay tuned, my sweets.

Be Sweet Magic Ball, swatch version

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