When A Plan Comes Together

As it happens, my best high school girlfriend gave birth last week, and the bris for her healthy baby boy will be on Friday, just when it'll be the perfect time to take a detour from our original travel itinerary so we can be there. When we were teenagers, we used to muse about marrying brothers and living next door to each other and raising our kids together. About 3,000 miles put a kink that old fantasy now — and the tiny detail that we didn't marry brothers — but I'm beside myself that my friend is a mom, and that I'll get to be there on Friday. Welcome to this world, Maxwell Simon!

There will be much crocheting, and maybe some embroidering, on the plane tomorrow! 

And, as icing on the cake, I'm going to meet some longtime blog buddies on Saturday in Boston. Yeehaw!

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