Whatcha Doin’ in Los Angeles on Thursday?

Doug & Gordo

Doug & Gordo, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

I made these guys so long ago and couldn't post them that I forgot to post them when the book came out! Der.

So, meet Doug (green) and Gordo (blue). These guys are a good study of gauge, as each is made from the same pattern, yarn, and hook. It's possible the blue yarn is a bit thicker than the green; it's also possible that I was working so feverishly to get Doug done (Gordo was the first) that my tension was much tighter. Who's to say, really.

These guys are pretty much in line with my attitude as I wrote the essays and designer profiles in the book: lighthearted, approachable, friendly, and a bit quirky. This year has been so busy, I haven't made a doll since. I see some getting on the hook in the near future.

So, Los Angeles, here I come! Really, it's Burbank. Won't you come say hi? I'll be at Unwind from 7-9pm on Thursday night, doing my final arm-waving, book-show-and-telling schpiel of this book-tour season, and I'd love to meet you. And Cecily will be there, too! We can get the uber-crafty vibe started in anticipation of the oodles of goodness coming up at the Felt Club Holiday XL craft fair on Sunday. (That I must miss it because I'll be flying home with my family after Mr Crochet Me's cousin's wedding is a tragedy, I tell you. Not the wedding; that I didn't plan around Felt Club. *Smacks forehead*.)

See you Thursday?

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