What would you make with Mosaic Crochet?

Mosaic crochet creates a strong geometric pattern, usually in at least two colors. The colorful and textured patterns look complicated, but after watching Lily Chin's new workshop DVD I am amazed at their simplicity. Just a few basic stitches create an easy pattern that you can use for a simple scarf or afghan or adapt to a more complicated sweater or garment. 

Mosaic crochet is a colorwork technique normally using two or three colors, but you only work one color at a time-each row is worked in a single color. Generally two rows of crochet are worked in each color, and the mosaic design is created using long stitches, sometimes called spike stitches.

Long double crochet stitches, of which Lily is extremely fond, are created by inserting the hook in a stitch two rows down (over the top of two rows of contrasting colored stitches), pulling up a loop to the height of the working row, and then completing the double crochet as normal. These long stitches cover up the contrasting colored rows they are worked over, creating the mosaic patterning. The resulting fabric is beautifully reversible with a different pattern on each side.

The patterning in mosaic crochet is worked only on the right-side rows. The wrong-side rows are worked in plain single crochet. In the DVD, Lily points out that the simple wrong-side rows provide a great break between the pattern rows. 

In her DVD, Lily walks you through the steps of mosaic crochet from the foundation chain to project ideas, from afghans to hats and sweaters. She shows how to work I-drop stitches, which are worked straight down, as well as diagonal stitches such as those used to create "letter" patterns such as "v" and "x." You can use these stitches to create several patterns Lily has designed. And if you want to create your own pattern, Lily shows you how to sketch your pattern out before working it in yarn.

In a very short time, Lily Chin has not only introduced me to mosaic crochet but also fascinated me with myriad possibilities and patterns. Download your copy of Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin today and discover this amazing technique.


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