What was Old is New Again

Fashions never really disappear. They may lay dormant for years before they are resurrected by fashion designers eager to find the next big trend and put their personal touch on it. And each time a "new" style hits the runway, I love to look back that styles history.

The 2011 fashion year has been incredibly exciting for those of us who have recognized the beauty of crochet for years.  We have seen crocheted lace highlighted in Spring and Summer collections and it is reappearing as embellishments and accessories in the Fall 2011 collections.

My favorite fashion trend is incorporating vintage crochet into your wardrobe. It can be very easy to embellish the garments you already own with vintage crochet buttons or lace. 

You can make your own buttons with the crocheted button patterns created by Nancy Nehring in Crochet Traditions. She was inspired by buttons in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

"Handmade crocheted buttons were popular, especially in Great Britain, the United States, and continental from about 1860 to 1915, although their poularity revives periodically, as it did in the 1940s. Most crocheted buttons  from the peak period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries seem to have been made in France or less frequently in Germany. At that time, buttons were important decorations as well as functional closures for waists, dresses, and coats. A garment was often closed with hooks and eyes or a combination of hooks and eyes and buttons, with most buttons added for decoration." 

Wouldn't these vintage inspired buttons would be fabulous on a bright swing jacket or as a pop of texture on a beautifully tailored suit coat?

Or work up Maggie Petsch's lace insert, also from Crochet Traditions. I know, she uses the insert for pillowcases, but wouldn't this lace be lovely with a beautiful blouse or used to add an extra touch of elegance to a fall dress. And if you are looking for more crocheted lace or lace insertions, check out Weldon's Practical Crochet, with projects from the original 1800s Weldon's Practical Needlework. You will find vintage patterns for not only lace but motifs, garments, and accessories such as hats and mittens as well.

Purchase your own copies of Crochet Traditions and Weldon's Practical Crochet today and learn about the history of crochet while you create your own fall fashions this year.

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