What to Edge with Crochet

How do you make a ready-made garment truly unique? A blouse might be made in three or four colors, but each top is the same. What about a crocheted pattern? You can choose the yarn color and type. But what are other ways you can make the finished project truly a reflection of you? One of my favorite ways to modify a garment or accessory is with crochet edgings.


Here are a few of the garments that I like to add crochet edgings to.

Ready-Made Garments

Crochet edgings are a great way to personalize ready-made garments, shawls, and accessories. Add a lacy edging to a blouse or around the hem of a skirt. Sewing a crochet edging onto a store-bought shawl or scarf creates a gift that is quick and easy but personalized at the same time. Choose a crochet edging that is lacy, has a great texture, or creates a fun geometric shape. Work the edging in a similar color or in a contrasting color for a unique finished piece.

Crochet Garments

Crochet edgings are easy to add to your crochet sweaters, hats, scarves, and other accessories. I like using bottom-up edgings because they allow you to see exactly how much length your edging will add to the piece as you work it. This is especially important if you are adding a wide edging to a hat or sweater. An edging of two or three inches will likely need to be offset in a hat or around the hem or sleeve of a crochet cardigan or sweater. Bottom-up edgings allow you to measure your work as you go for a perfect fit.

Knit Garments

Crochet edgings are also a perfect pairing for knitted sweaters, skirts, and accessories. If you are a knitter and a crocheter, combine the two techniques. The contrast between knitting and crochet is beautiful, and crochet edgings create incredible lace.

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P.S. Share your ideas for what to embellish with crochet edgings.

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