What is Crochet Lace?

Scamp Bandana by April Garwood

When you hear a project is worked in crochet lace, what type of fabric do you imagine? It will have plenty of opening or “holes” between the stitches. But beyond that very broad description, the possibilities are endless.
Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith has put together a fun collection of lace crochet patterns to illustrate a few of the incredible lace crochet possibilities.

You will find a bandana and skirt created using Bruges lace. If you are learning how to work the fascinating curves of this crochet lace technique, the scamp bandana is the perfect project to learn on. They also make great gifts and are perfect for year-round accessorizing.

Paintbrush Skirt by Natasha Robarge

Another interesting lace crochet technique is filet crochet. And we are taking filet crochet beyond table scarves or even home decor. Check out the Paintbrush Skirt! Yes, that is filet crochet, and the diamond design is gorgeous in the variegated yarn. This skirt would also look gorgeous in a solid colored yarn.

Capri Cover by Tammy Hildebrand

And who could forget the iconic pineapple. I grew up seeing pineapple doilies. In fact, thread crochet is what I associated these motifs with. But what happens if you size up the lace—working it in a DK or worsted-weight yarn. Well, the result is definitely eye-catching. I have seen the Capri Cover worked as a full-length dress, a tunic, and a hip length top. They were all beautiful and a great summer layer.

You will also find exploded lace, lace motifs, delicate jewelry, and more. Get your Feelin’ Groovy Crochet Lace Pattern Collection today and explore the possibilities of crochet lace.
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