What is Amigurumi

Crochet Me Presents the 2012 Amigurumi Calendar Projects

Crochet Me Presents the 2012 Amigurumi Calendar Projects

Amigurumi are stuffed dolls created through either crochet or knit and a facet of crochet that is quickly growing in popularity. You have probably seen crocheted amigurumi creations worked in the likeness of popular celebrities, fictional characters, and animals both real and imaginary.

One factor leading to their popularity, aside from their inherent cuteness, is the ease with which they can be worked from stash or remnant yarn. They can be worked in thread, creating figures sometimes only centimeters tall, or whipped up quickly with bulky cotton.

Amigurumi patterns generally use only basic stitches, frequently made up of simple single crochet spheres, making them easily accessible to beginning crocheters.

Discover the thrill of making these tiny crochet dolls. Learn how to begin crocheting an amigurumi, techniques for working in a spiral, and how to finish these small works of art.


Ayo & Kiki the Monkeys

Amigurumi, crocheted or knitted stuffed dolls, use basic stitches and simple shapes, making them ideal for both beginning and experienced crocheters, and since most are small, they are excellent stash-busters. Amigurumi are perfect for children, but you will find just as many adults who boast their own collection.

For our Crochet Me 2012 calendar, we asked you to submit original amigurumi designs. We were overwhelmed by your enthusiastic response. Thirteen amigurumi were chosen to model in fantastical locales, and each little creature has its own distinct personality and unique story to tell. With the patterns collected here, you can now create these amigurumi for yourself.

What tips would you give others who want to crochet amigurumi?


Ellie the Giraffe

Laura Gibbons: Don’t give up! I think many people look at the patterns and their brain just starts to hurt because they don’t understand it. Take the pattern line by line, piece by piece.

Stacey Trock: Amigurumi should be fun, not frustrating. Don’t get too caught up about positioning the ears “just right” . . . whatever looks cute to you is right!

Gina Reneé Padilla: Don’t be afraid of crocheting amigurumi, if you know the basic stitches of crochet, then you will have no problem crocheting amigurumis. Take your time, draw a picture, even search online for something that will inspire you.

Allison Hoffman: Keep those stitches tight and stuff til you can’t stuff’em any more! Sketch the face out first (embroidery, eye placement, etc.), and it makes it a lot easier to transfer your idea onto the toy. Experiment with different kinds of yarn for texture.

Nancy Anderson: Use smaller hooks in order to crochet tight fabric with no stuffing show-through but rest your hands regularly, as this tight gauge makes your hands hurt. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be creative and whimsical with colors, embellishments and feature placements. It’s okay to go a bit wild and crazy, it’s just a toy. Best of all, have fun as that’s what it’s all about.

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