What I Discovered in My Interweave Crochet Past Issues

I am on the hunt for summer crochet patterns, loose lacy vests that add character or polish but won’t leave you searching for a patch of shade, accessories that showcase your love of crochet, and fabulous travel patterns that make good gifts at the end of the journey.

All of my past issues of Interweave Crochet are conveniently stored on my computer. And since I’m already on my computer, it’s a convenient way to browse through old issues. If you are missing past issues, the digital CD collections are also a great cost-effective way to complete your set.

Here are my summer project options from the Interweave Crochet 2012 Collection:

I have been searching for the perfect light-weight summer vest, and the Mermaid Shrug by Kristin Omdahl is perfect. The lacy openwork shell pattern and bamboo yarn make it perfect for warm weather. This shrug is worked from the top down, so you can modify the length for the best fit. I think this design would look stunning at hip length.
Because they have included the 2012 Crochet Accessories issue, I must add the charming minx Lisa Loo to my options. This adorable amigurumi by Brenda K.B. Anderson is a darling gift, and five colors of cotton plus fiberfill will fit in my travel back. You only need small amounts right? And I’d love to share the journey with this little character.
And my list of summer crochet patterns wouldn’t be complete without the Strappy Sandals by Brenda K.B. Anderson. These sandals are chic and a fabulous way to showcase the possibilities of crochet, and they are stunning! I think I need several in a variety of colors.

Complete your Interweave Crochet collection and download past issues during the Hurt Book Sale. The 2012 collection is 50% off, so download yours today!

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P.S. What are your favorite summer crochet design styles?

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