West Coast Knitters Guild – Tomorrow Night!

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Come say hi tomorrow night at the West Coast Knitters Guild (very crochet-friendly) meeting, starting at 7pm! I'm going to do a wee bit of speaking there, and will show off some stuff I've been working on (I might even schlep the ripple with me), and I'll have a doll or two and my Float Away scarf from the spring Interweave Crochet.

In other news, I got a new camera yesterday. Ye olde point and shoot wasn't being flexible enough for my increasingly picky photographic plans. So a Nikon D40 it is, and I am in love. Truly, madly, deeply.

I was MIA last week doing some more (and still very, very bizarre and odd and in other ways strange and other-worldly) television fun and visiting IWP HQ in Colorado. Several things occurred that are worth mentioning. First, I met Eunny. Oh. my. dear. Eunny seriously is all that and a bag o' chips. I might have talked her ear off in a giddy/nervous babbling fit. Said fit lasted hours. Sigh.

So, ok, more stuff. I heart PBS. Have I mentioned here before that I interned at the local PBS station when I was in college? Getting to visit Detroit Public Television for the second time this year gave me the warm fuzzies.

And it looks like I'm spent even though I implied I had more to report. It'll come back to me when I'm more coherent. Gotta stop blogging when my brain is three steps from ooze.

OH! I got something! More Buffy crochet (Buffy is good when brain is ooze). Dawn (brilliant plot twist, Joss [and OMG, I just learned that Joss's dad worked on The Electric Company – more PBS! W00t]) had an embroidered purple crocheted pillow on her bed throughout season 5. And in season 6, Willow and Tara have a thread-crocheted bedspread on their (um, Joyce's) bed. Am I seriously the only person on the internets who thinks a set dresser had a crochet theme going with Willow? Google turns up nothing except my first post. Am I frightening you with my geek-out? I'm frightening me with my geek-out, kids.

Ok. Really spent now. Brain = ooze.

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