Welcome to Crochet Me 3.2 Beta!

[If you're reading this in a feed reader, get thee to CrochetMe.com.]

As you can see, we've redesigned! But beyond that, we've added some never-before-seen on CrochetMe.com mind-blowing features.

To enjoy the patterns and articles we've published over the years, you need do nothing differently.

To post comments, publish your own original patterns and tips & tricks, post to the forums, add buddies, rate content, add favourites, make your own profile (check out mine, for kicks), get notified of new content or comments, and more, you must register for a free account. It's easy!

Now, what's it mean that we're "in beta"? It means that although we've tested out these features, and a few dozen crocheters have helped us try to break things, we don't know how this new site will behave when thousands of crocheters come to play. So we're confident, but we make no guarantees yet. So please be patient if you encounter bugs or problems. If you do find that something's not working right, please report it in our Bug Reports forum. This way everyone will know the problem's been reported, and we can get right on top of fixing it.

We also haven't fully finalized the way the site looks. There won't be major changes moving forward, but we may be tweaking things.

And there you have it. After all those months, here we are.

Massive thanks to Emma Jane Hogbin and Cynthia Frenette, to the alpha testers, and to all of you, in advance, for taking this next giant leap with Crochet Me!

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