Wednesday Wrap-Up

Things are hitting a major crunch these days, and I'll likely blog a bit less because of it. Here's a bunch 'o stuff, in typical list fashion:

  • We're happy chez Cme today. That's all.
  • In half an hour we're going to pick up the car from the shop, grab dinner, and go see the Dixie Chicks. This'll be my first big concert attendance in over four years. Yowza. I can't wait.
  • Do not click this link for It will change your life in ways you might not be ready for, but wish you were. [Thanks, Emma.]
  • The winter issue, she is coming along beautifully. Look for it toward the end of the month.
  • So many projects to do + a desire to fiddle with WordPress widgets = a site I should have set up a year ago. (Now there's one, central place where I'll keep track of my goings-on. And maybe some stuff not related to yarn. I'm not sure yet, really. Come say hi. It's a work in progress.)
  • Anyone use DEVONthink and have an opinion about it?

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