It’s Wedding (Shawl) Season!

At Interweave, we talk a lot about how a shawl is such a satisfyingly perfect project. In addition to being endlessly versatile, relatively quick to stitch, and a great canvas for trying something new, a shawl also has the capacity to go beyond pretty to fancy. Fancy enough, in fact, for a wedding.

Whether you’re a guest of honor, a friend in the crowd, or the bride herself, wearing a handmade shawl is a great way display your love of crochet and add a layer of personality to formal dress. Interweave Presents Classic Crochet Shawls is chock full of projects that you could confidently stitch up to echo a wedding theme or simply warm your shoulders during a cool evening at an elegant reception.

With themes or locations in mind, here are a few ideas for what a Classic Crochet Shawls project could be for a wedding in your future.

Romantic Pop of Color: Buttercream Shawl

The combination of delicate lace and solid blocks of color make Buttercream a pleasing blend of traditional and contemporary styles. It provides a great opportunity to add color to an all-white wedding dress by stitching up the solid sections in a bride’s favorite color. And there is just something about the lacy sections crocheted in a mohair yarn that conveys romance like no other yarn could.


The Buttercream Shawl is shown on the right, and the Blue Lagoon Swirling Hexagons shawl shines on the left.

Beach Destination Wedding: Blue Lagoon Swirling Hexagons Shawl

Barefoot in the sand down by the shore, this item is perfect for warming shoulders against a cool ocean breeze. The swirling motifs suggest waves or the shape of shells, and that blue color is so quintessentially beachy. Not to mention, it would make a great “something blue” for a bride who isn’t afraid to wear color on her wedding day.

Woodland Fantasy: Flying Broomstick Shawl

Woodsy themes seem quite popular for weddings in recent years. This project’s branch-like stitch pattern and cape-style are perfect for wearing under the forest canopy. For a fall wedding, it would be equally fitting for a bride or guest.


The Flying Broomstick Shawl is shown on the left; the front of the Blue Lagoon Swirling Hexagons shawl is shown on the right.

Starry Night Wedding: Pleiades Shawl

For the right wedding theme, Pleiades could be a surprising show stopper for bride or wedding guest alike. Stitched in white, it would make a statement at a winter wedding, suggesting snowflakes and stars. Or crocheted in colors to match the flowers or setting, it could be a dramatic addition to an otherwise traditional wedding dress. (Shown in the header image, center item.)

Bohemian Chic Style: Jessamine Shawlette

What bohemian wedding would be complete without a little crochet? Even better if the design in question was inspired by a flower. Jessamine—named for the yellow fragrant flower, Jasmine—offers a long flowing shape and triangular edging just right for a bride with flowers in her hair and gauzy skirts on her dress. (Shown in the header image, far left item.)

Have you ever crocheted anything—a shawl or otherwise—for your or someone else’s wedding? Let us know in the comments!


The Shawl is the Thing!

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