Weaved Scarf


Stefanie Nowland


I was playing with a size Q crochet hook when I thought of it. My first thought was to use ribbon to weave in, but I didn’t have any a the time so I used Fun Fur instead. This is my first posting of a pattern, so if there are questions please ask them. I also welcome comments or pointers.

Materials List

A size Q crochet hook
any color worsted weight yarn
any color riddon or fun fur

(you’ll hind that you can used pieces of scrap yarn for any part)

Finished Size

However long or wide you want it. Mine is 6 inches wide and 50 inches long.


no gauge

The Pattern

Using the yarn only. Ch 11 turn

Sc in second ch from hook and sc across. Ch 1 turn. 10 sc

*Sc across to end of row. Then ch 1 turn* repeat from *to * until desired length. Then finish off. Weave in ends.

Then using the needle or small hook take the end of the ribbon or fur and weave in and out of the holes of the scarf the you already made.

Fringe- *Pull out extra ribbon or fur at the end of the scarf. Then at the other end where you started at, measure about the same amount of ribbon or fur and cut off. * Repeat * to * for the rest of the width of the scarf you should end with 10 pieces of fringe at each end. Then tie a knot at the end of the first part of the scarf with the fringe, just tie 2 of the fringe together across.

Without Fringe- continue to weave in and out from one end to the other, until finished. tie off and weave in ends.

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