Weave Ends Into Lace With a Clean Finish

Canary Wrap by Sharon Ballsmith from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2014


If you are anything like me, you absolutely love lace. Besides looking lovely, it is so much fun to make the fabric! However, one of the trickiest parts about lace is weaving in your ends into the open fabric. To the right is a swatch from the Canary Wrap. It is unblocked and ready for the ends to be neatly tucked away. See below for my method of securing these ends.
1) Here is a close up of the upper right hand corner of the WS of the swatch. 2) Start by weaving your needle down the first cluster on the right side. 3) To make your way over to the shell, weave upward into the next dc.
4) Next you are going to insert your needle  from R to L through the bottom of all the stitches in the shell. 5) Next, weave in the opposite direction (L to R) through the middle part of the shell, stopping one stitch before the end of the shell. 6) Cut off your strand and stretch the fabric a bit to ensure the end is tucked away into the shell.
Here is a close-up of the finished edge. The woven in end is pretty well disguised and should be securely in place. The next step would be to block your project which will further enhance the sturdiness of any woven ends. How do you prefer to secure your ends?

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