Wearing of the Green (Yarn)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Are you wearing green today? I sure hope so! Bonus points if you're wearing something green that you made yourself. I try not to go a single day without wearing something I've made. Usually that means I'm wearing something green, as I have tendency to buy green yarn.

Green, like any color, comes in all shades and tones, intensities and saturations. I love them all. Here are a few of my favorite shades of green.
Flowers For Eryn Wrap . . Heather green gives me a feeling of peace and relaxation. It reminds me of misty Spring mornings and always makes me think of quiet walks in the woods, where I look up at the dusty undersides of leaves. This Flowers for Eryn Wrap by Tracy St. John is a great green accessory for an early Spring evening.
Melange Turtleneck     Olive green is a sophisticated and timeless neutral. It makes me think of old cloth-bound books and my grandmother's fabulous vintage countertops. The Melange Turtleneck by Katie Himmelberg is a great way to bring an elegant green to your wardrobe.
Spring Shell     Electric green gives me energy and calls to mind those first tender shoots of Spring. It stirs my imagination, and even though I look terrible in the color, I'll still wear it on days when I need a little extra kick. Simona Merchant-Dest's Spring Shell shows the vibrant side of green.
. Given my taste for green, it's no wonder I'm loving working on my latest green project: My Sydney's Sideways Socks (for our crochet-along on Crochet Me—join us, we're just getting started), which are in Universal Yarns Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock, in the Ivy Trail colorway. I'm going to have some seriously happy feet when these are done.

What is your favorite color, and how do different shades of it make you feel?

Are you wearing green, yet? I may pinch you, if you're not. Be prepared for next year, and crochet one of our patterns in your favorite green yarn!

Until next time,

. .

Antoinette Cardigan

by Christina Marie Potter

Mirth Sweater

by Annette Petavy

Solas Caomh

by Jodi Euchner


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