We (Heart) Our Readers!

I'm in Loveland, Colorado, home base for Interweave. And, truly, Loveland is The Place to Be on Valentine's Day. For the weeks leading up the The Day, red and white lights glimmer on the main street at night. Large wood hearts with love notes painted on them are mounted on the light posts. Stores of all kinds are filled to the brim with flowers, candy, balloons, chocolate. It's hard to find something that's not heart-shaped. Folks from all around the country send their Valentines to be postmarked at the Loveland post office.

My most immediate task in Loveland was not to postmark my Valentines, but to send our Spring issue to press. This day is the culmination of nine months of work, and we send our newest baby out into the world with hope and joy, after several sweaty days. Sounds like labor, right? Feels like labor. But it is a happy thing, as we know that before long it will arrive in your mailbox or on your newsstand and you'll pluck it up and go, "Ooh! What a beautiful baby!" At least, we hope that's what's will happen.

After I signed off on the final page, I logged into email and there I found the loveliest note from a reader—an early Valentine. I just have to share it with you.

G'day Marcy,

My newsagent was getting thoroughly sick of me walking in and out of his shop having bought nothing because, for three months, I have been asking, looking and waiting for the Winter issue of Interweave Crochet to be delivered, ever since I saw the fabulous offerings on your website.

It is February 9th and hooray! There's the winter issue on the stand as I pop my head into the shop yet again, with a variety of patterns and articles, always well researched and topical.

I had to laugh when I got home:  purposefully placing the Interweave Crochet magazine on the table, hurriedly putting the groceries away, boiling the kettle for some tea and toast ("Should I heat up one of the scones in the freezer? No, toast is quicker"), and then sitting down with anticipation of a relaxing morning tea over crochet, I turned firstly to your editorial at the front; that's when I couldn't help laughing — "Go ahead and brew up a latte", you suggested, "nibble on a scone…"

You know your readership well!

This particular issue had many articles that interest me; e.g. my goal for 2012 is to learn about making socks since my daughter has "'special needs' feet" and I would like to make custom socks for her, (coincidentally, one pair of socks that I did finish last year happened to have been designed by Karen Ratto-Whooley, the very designer who wrote your article) and I have been following Dora Ohrenstein's journey through her articles in previous issues. I have also been following the series on Irish Lace and am in the midst of crocheting a large cushion cover using that technique.

It's a shame that it takes 3 months for your magazine to reach the shops here (Adelaide, South Australia). It is almost autumn and we are ready to think about winter patterns and we can get a small head start. It would be nice if the magazine arrived on time to be able to join in any crochet-alongs or online forums in a timely way. Sitting at a computer tires me, and I prefer to peruse books and magazines for crochet inspiration. I don't know why it takes so long for the magazines to make it onto newsstands here.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Interweave Crochet is the best crochet periodical I have found.These days I won't waste my money on many others that seem to be hurriedly put together with a lack of in-depth information; so I continue to vex my local newsagent for your publication(s).

Meanwhile, have a laugh to know that your editorial words were right in tune with this reader, who will have many happy hours with the Winter 2011 edition of Interweave Crochet.

Yours sincerely,

Jodie P

How nice is that! As a team, we prepare and plan and brainstorm for the best content. Then we check and double-check and triple-check (and quadruple-check, then check again) everything that goes into the magazine. We send the magazine out all around the world (sorry it takes so long to get to the other side of the world!). Then we dive into the next issue (which is actually already well underway).

Each issue is our Valentine to you.

We (heart) you. We're awfully glad you (heart) us right back.

Happy Valentine's Day,


p.s. Now, we're off to do the photo shoot for the Summer issue. Let's hope it doesn't snow!

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