Watching the heads of passersby

I'm on holiday at arguably the greatest ski resort in North America, to be home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The snow is unusually sparse right now, but the skiing is great. And so are the toques (alternatively spelled as touques and tuques; pronounced like "tukes"; meaning: Canadian for winter/ski hat). I could spend hours checking out all the awesome crocheted and knitted toques keeping the heads of passersby warm while they play. Perhaps in the last couple of days I'll be here I'll try to hook up with some snowboarders to chat about their crocheted hats.

My cousin Danny emailed me an article this morning, and it's a fun read. The writer talks about her 19-year-old son who crochets hats.

"I knew that crocheting was integral to snowboard life," she writes. "A lot of guys and girls had a crochet hook in their backpacks."

I've seen tons of crocheted toques on the heads of snowboarders, but I haven't spied any with hook in hand. Have you?

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