Wallow in the Pleasure of Simple Crochet

Sometimes, simplicity thrills me.

So it is with the crocheted washcloth.

There's something so gratifying about starting and finishing a project in a single sitting.

Or if you can't take even that kind of deadline pressure—if you're done with deadlines and just want to work on something at your own speed—you can tote the washcloth around with you and just do a row or so at a time as you stand in line or wait at a stoplight or sit in a chair doing almost nothing.

Or you can work on it while watching Knitting Daily TV DVDs. Why would you, a crocheter, want to do that, you ask? Because each episode has a segment called Crochet Corner featuring Kristin Omdahl teaching crochet techniques, that's why!

In 13 segments, she covers everything from getting your crochet project started, through the basic stitches and working motifs. She also teaches Tunisian crochet techniques, which are the basis of so many fabulous new designs. 

If you get Knitting Daily TV in your area, great! (If not, call your local PBS station and see if they can get it). But even if you watch it on TV, you might want to get the DVD, so you can watch the shows at your leisure and pause it when you want a closer look.

Recently, I was in Denver having lunch with Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits and a co-host of Knitting Daily TV. As we left, a couple of women, draped in yarnstuff, approached us and said to Eunny, "We love your show!" One said, "I really love having your DVD, because now I can watch it whenever I want and stop it to watch what you're doing more closely." Really. I didn't make that up. Folks who have the DVDs really like them.

Oh, and about that washcloth pattern!

With every episode of Crochet Corner, there is a free pattern to download, courtesy of Red Heart Yarns. This pattern for Dandy Dishcloths is the first of the batch. We'll include occasional links in CrochetMe to these patterns. (And, as a bonus that will make some of you very happy, you will now find these patterns on CrochetMe.)

Kick back, relax, learn something new, crochet something simple.




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