Vinyasa Vest: Tips on Styling

The Vinyasa Vest by Sara Kay Hartmann from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2014
The Vinyasa Vest is a lovely garment constructed in a very interesting way.  Essentially it is a shaped rectangle with an oval cut out in the center and two long rectangular ties.  So, how exactly does it warp into the vest you see below??
Here you can see what your vest will look like after completion and blocking. It seems amazing that this flat piece can be arranged into a vest! Note here that the two straps are sitting on top of the rectangle.  You will be putting the piece on just like this, as if your back is the floor in the photo. 
Insert your arms through the holes with the straps facing back.  Note the the wide parts of the rectangle are now around your neck and waist.  The short parts are to the sides (where the arms are in the photo).
You will then let the side flaps rest while you cross the two ties around your back, catching that lower portion of the garment underneath them.  The straps cross in the back and then, keeping the ties flat and level, come around front on top of the side flaps.  You know have two lapels!
With the ties now in front, you can secure them either in a bow or a regular knot which seemed to hold in place just fine for me. Adjust the lapel flaps to your liking, here they are just loosely hanging to the side.  If you haven't made the vest yet, consider the length that you might prefer your ties. Because I used a regular knot, I would make my ties much shorter, reaching only just past the body of the vest.
Style to fit your taste!  I love this vest with tight fitting jeans but there are so many ways to wear the garment. I paired with a tan tee and some tan pumps for a style that could easily take you out for your daily errands. Pair with flats and a fitted long-sleeved tee for a more casual and cozy look. Try some flashy heels and a tank top for something more suited to a night on the town. 

Reminder: Make sure to read through the notes section of this pattern for instructions on sizing! 

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