Our Sleeper Hit: Vintage Modern Crochet

Marrying vintage techniques with a modern sensibility has been a mission of mine for years. Crochet has a long history of exquisite patterns and motifs that are sparingly published because they harken back to items that we deem dated. For me, I love all the doilies and tablecloths that might have been found in my grandmother’s house. Sometimes I wish I could just toss a tablecloth on as a shawl to display all of its complex stitches. (Okay, so I have totally done that in real life more than once.)

Vintage Modern Crochet

Crochet is such a vibrant art form that the right design and designer can breathe new life into these techniques and reinvent them in beautiful, compelling ways. That is what brought this whole book about: the pure love of all crochet lace techniques and the desire to be able to wear those creations and look fabulous without looking dated.

Vintage Modern Crochet

It’s my pleasure to showcase all of these lovely stitches in one book. I am proud to be joined by like-minded designers who also have that vision, shared in the pages of Vintage Modern Crochet. Their designs are so amazing that I really wanted to grab some yarn and a hook to start many of them for myself.

You will notice that all the projects are fashion forward and styled for today. This is done to help you, too. When you make that amazing top or scarf for your sister, niece, or granddaughter, you can show her how stylish it is. It will be our secret that you are using the very same techniques women from the 1850s used while crocheting for their loved ones. That connection to history is important, not just to me but to all of us in keeping our art form vibrant and alive by honoring techniques that our ancestors used. The only difference between our crochet and our ancestors’ crochet is our modern yarn and thread. I know my grandmother crocheted with very vibrant colors for everything, but she had to dye it herself. We are lucky we don’t have to invent our materials (unless we really want to), but instead we can focus on the great creations that come about.

Vintage Modern Crochet

The techniques we use throughout the book are only the tip of the iceberg of antique techniques. We will look at the modern retelling of Pineapple Lace, Bruges Crochet, Irish Crochet, Filet, and Tunisian Lace. All of our stitches are classics; only the way we are presenting them is modern. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed designing the pieces that use these fantastic techniques while making projects that could range from timeless cardigans to trendy accessories. I hope we inspire you to keep crocheting and to fall in love with all these impressive techniques.

I hope you truly have a wonderful time crocheting these beauties, and I can’t wait to see your twist on our designs.

—Robyn Chachula

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