Vintage Crochet Stories

This Tunisian crochet bag has cross-stitched foxes.

Fox Traveling Bag by Toni Rexroat

When I don’t have my crochet hook, yarn, and latest pattern out, I love to just read about vintage crochet. Sometimes I explore a new crochet technique, but nothing beats an inspirational story about someone who shared my passion for crochet years before I was born.

PieceWork magazine always finds incredible tales of weavers, embroidery aficionados, knitters, and crocheters who influenced those around them with their craft. Now the editors of PieceWork have created an entire magazine about crocheters. Here is editor Jeane Hutchins to tell us more about it.

Vintage Crochet Stories

This filet crochet cocoon wrap is easy elegance.

Filet Cocoon by Robyn Chachula

Welcome to Vintage Crochet! We are so excited to present this special publication from Interweave’s PieceWork magazine. From conception to fruition, this has been a true labor of love and an amazing adventure.

Within these pages, you’ll find a different take on the wonderful world of crochet. We open with history, a section with articles that delve into crochet’s past, to set the stage for the spectacular projects, which are arranged in four sections—Town & Country, Accoutrements, At Home, and The Younger Set. Among the techniques are Irish, filet, hairpin, tapestry, and Tunisian crochet.

Each project brings its own vintage inspiration. Here are just a few examples:

The filet-crochet back panel of Robyn Chachula’s Filet Cocoon Sweater was inspired by the Strawberry Thief fabric designed by William Morris (1834–1896), one of the most influential figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

This lace crochet shawl is gorgeous.

Grama’s Shawl by Katrina King

Katrina King’s collection of vintage items includes a lovely tablecloth crocheted by her grandmother Velma Urzula Sapp Arnold. Katrina based Grama’s Shawl on the tablecloth’s motifs.

Mimi Seyferth re-created a christening blanket. The original was crocheted by Jabez William Ridgwell (1874–1957) as a component of his rehabilitation after he lost parts of several fingers to shrapnel in the Second Boer War (1899–1902). Mimi’s wrote a fascinating article to accompany her pattern, “Jabez Ridgwell: A Boer War Soldier Crochets.”

Each author and designer and each article and project featured here adds to crochet’s rich history. Whether you just started crocheting or are an old hand, the stories and projects in Vintage Crochet provide context for your journey.

You, too, are among those who are keeping the tradition alive.

— Jeanne Hutchins

Jabez William Ridgwell’s story was inspiring, and the Strawbery Thief fabric and Robyn Chachulas Filet Cocoon Sweater are both gorgeous. These stories are my ideal bedtime tales.

Order or download your copy of Vintage Crochet; you will love the stories and vintage-inspired patterns.

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