Vintage Crochet Kimonos

Editors' Note: Even sitting by myself on my couch with a cup of hot chocolate and my crochet, I know I am not alone. I am joining crocheters across time and across the world, finding comfort and joy in the same stitches and sometimes the same patterns. Here is Interweave Crochet's project editor Sarah Read to tell us about some of those patterns. — Toni

Vintage Crochet Kimonos

When mind and body both need a bit of comfort, I find there’s nothing better than to crochet a simple garment. Long swaths of basic crochet stitches—nothing too taxing on the mind, just letting the yarn do its thing, pulling the troubles out of your head and tying them up in knots. All the better if, at the end, you can wrap yourself up in those stitches and settle in to the warm thing you’ve made and have a cuppa.

The seven designs in this eBook serve that purpose perfectly, in addition to being cute enough that I can wear most of them out-and-about when my cuppa’s done and I’m feeling ready to conquer the world again.

There’s also something enriching about working from vintage patterns, knowing that you’re following the path of crocheters a century ago. These women sat and stitched their garments from the same words on these pages for the same reasons we do today. There’s something that binds us all together in this continuity of craft and gives us a sense that we’re preserving a heritage. For me, that makes a garment crocheted from a vintage pattern more than just a garment—it’s an heirloom made new again. These flowing kimonos no doubt comforted the women of 1918 as they stitched their way through the climax and close of World War I, maybe pulling their troubles out of their minds and tying them up in these long, soft rows of stitches.

So put the kettle on and settle in for some comfort-crochet and download PieceWork Presents 7 Captivating Kimonos from 1918 to Crochet. I’ll be a space away on the map, doing the same, finding comfort in knowing we’re all a part of this heritage.


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