Variegated Yarns and Crochet

Projects crocheted in variegated yarns can be beautiful. But variegated yarns can also be difficult to crochet with. The amount of yarn used to create each stitch, especially the taller stitches like double and triple crochet stitches, can be longer than the length of the color change. This causes each stitch to be multiple colors and creates a muddy looking fabric.

Crochet Shawl Pattern

Ananas Shawl

When choosing a variegated yarn, look for one with long color repeats. Freia Fine Handpaint Refined Sport has incredibly long color repeats that are perfect for crochet. Not only are the color repeats long enough to cover one stitch but they create stunning blocks of color.

Just look at the Ananas Shawl by Zsuzsanna Makai. This shawl alternates pineapple lace bands with solid panels of double crochet—a perfect way to show off the color changes in the yarn and a beautiful design. The Ananas Shawl is crochet from sideways from the point of the triangle to the base. When you wrap it around your shoulders, the blocks of color extend horizontally in subtly shifting shades. Such a beautiful use of a variegated yarn.

Crochet Shawl PatternWe have kitted this shawl just for you. You will receive the Interweave Crochet Fall 2015 issue with the Ananas Shawl pattern as well as 2 balls of Freia Fine Handpaints Ombré Sport Yarn in the gorgeous Autumn Rose used in the photographed shawl.

Supplies are limited, so order your Ananas Shawl Kit today. You will love working with this stunning variegated yarn.

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