Vampire Smiley Face Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern



I have to admit I’m overly fond of vampires and emoticon faces. Yes I know I’m a tad on the geeky side. 😉  So I figured I would two things together that I loved in one hat and see how it turned out.  I like it.  I actually wore it to get my blood drawn twice now.  The is a beginner friendly crochet project and you will be surprised how quickly it will come together. I have plans to add to the emoticon family of hats soon. Happy crafting!

Materials List

Yellow / Gold Yarn for Beanie Hat (main color)
Black Yarn for face features (contrast color)
Red Yarn for blood droplets
“J” hook (6.0 mm)
Scissors or Yarn Cutter
Blunt large eye yarn / tapestry needle to weave in ends

Finished Size

Adjustment for all hat sizes from newborn to adult male in crochet pattern.


Most of this pattern is worked in the round on a base of a magic circle. Instructions in pattern.

The Pattern

Full pattern instructions are up on blog.

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