Unplugging for the Weekend

I'm unplugging for the weekend! It doesn't happen often, and I'm looking forward to it (with, you know, that kind of gnawing trepidation that precedes such things).

To honour the event, a question for you. Leave a comment with the following info: What's the last project you completed? What are you working on now? What's up next?

The last project I completed is for something I'll blog about when the spring issue of the magazine comes out in a couple of weeks:

Shhh. It's a secret

In an attempt for instant gratification, I'm currently knitting a superchunky wee sweater from the Anthropologie-inspired Capelet pattern (though it's not a capelet). I love this colour! I'm thinking I might finish it during this unplugged weekend…

Anthropologie-inspired Capelet (but it's not a capelet)

And next. Mmm. Next. Likely something crocheted. But what? It would figure that I'd ask a question I can't yet answer myself. Hmph.

So. What're you working on?

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