university fad?

Here are a few questions for you that I've been wondering about for a while*: If you learned how to crochet in the last year or so, do you think you'll give it up when it goes out of fashion or when life gets too busy, or do you think you're hooked for life? If you've known how to crochet for many years, were there long periods when you hardly picked up your hook? Why, and why did you start back up again?

In any event, there's a pretty motivated crocheter/knitter at Bowling Green State University who's spreading the craft and collecting squares for the Warm Up America Foundation. I made my first square ever (really, I had never made a granny square, and I thought it was like magic when it actually came out with discernable corners) for the foundation at the conference last weekend, and it took all of about half an hour. If you're currently working with a group on squares for this project, and would like for me to publicize your group on this page, let me know.

*I'm hooked for life.

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