Unexpected Crochet Afghans

I first caught a glimpse of the amazing projects in Unexpected Afghans the end of last year, just before the photo shoot, and have been anticipating the release of this innovative book of crochet afghans since that day.There are a large number of crochet afghan patterns in magazines, books, and online to choose from, so when I am looking for my next afghan project, I want something innovative and exciting as well as eye-catching. And because they are generally large unshaped works that spend most of their time neatly folded at the end of a bed (hiding any small flaws), afghans are also a brilliant undertaking on which to learn a new technique. With Unexpected Afghans, my biggest problem is not finding a unique pattern but narrowing down which project to start first.The twenty-nine pillows and blankets are broken down into five categories: Cables, granny motifs, color, lace, and Tunisian. And at least one afghan in each category is in the running for becoming my next afghan project.
Croises Cable Afghan by Annie Modesitt | CrochetMe.com First there is the Croises Cable Afghan by Annie Modesitt. The allover cables make this solid-colored blanket interesting and provide plenty of front post treble crochet practice. The intertwining cable pattern is easy enough to memorize but intricate enough that crocheting this afghan will never be boring.
Dots and Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann | CrochetMe.com The Dots + Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann is a fabulous option for a baby afghan that is not quite typical. It’s also a great way to have fun with color and use up leftover yarn. I think this mod blanket would also be a showstopper as a full-size afghan for the living room or bedroom.
Star Afghan by Mary Beth Temple Bethlehem | CrochetMe.com Mary Beth Temple’s Bethlehem Star afghan was inspired by the quilt pattern of the same name. The classical warmth of this afghan, worked in individual blocks of color, is a stark contrast to the vibrancy of the Dots + Poppies Baby Blanket, but this afghan makes me want to curl up on the porch on a cold winter evening.
Damask Afghan by Marly Bird | CrochetMe.com A great option for spring, the Damask Afghan by Marly Bird encases three panels of delicate lace in bands of cluster stitch. The lace panels are created from lightweight motifs that are joined as you go. This lace afghan is the perfect blanket to work during the warm summer months.
Starburst Entrelac Afghan by Megan Granholm | CrochetMe.com My final contender is the Starburst Entrelac Afghan by Megan Granholm. This Tunisian crochet afghan is worked in entrelac rows of diamonds in alternating colors to create a brilliant starburst. The resulting octagonal afghan is a showstopper in any room.
I’d love to know which afghan is your favorite! Let me know which afghan you would start first. And don’t forget to pre-order you copy of Unexpected Afghans today.Best wishes,

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