Under the Sea Necklace


kristi wientge


This is a really easy, but beautiful pattern for a necklace. It makes a great last minute gift and never fails to impress! Feel free to use any beads, buttons, or whatever you are inspired by. I found these shell discs on clearance and bought several bags in various colours and everyone really loves it.

Materials List

Yarn: I used Crosheen thread no. 10 in chocolate brown. You don’t need very much, but I always buy the economy sized ball so I always have it on hand for gifts.

Hook: 1/ 2.75MM

Beads: 16 large shell discs and 32 small shell discs (the web address on the package is: http://www.ribtex.com.au )

necklace clasp

needle and thread

Finished Size

The necklace is approx 14 in long.


The gauge is not important in this pattern. I do work the foundation chain tight, but not taught. you need to get into each stitch and make sure that it doesn’t twist as you go along.

The Pattern

Step 1: thread clasp, 1 small disc, * 1 large disc , 2 small discs, repeat from * until 15th large disc, then thread 2 small discs, 1 large disc and 1 small disc and the other part of the clasp.

Step 2: chain 110

Step 3: add clasp and sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in next 30 chains.

Step 4: add small disc and sc in next chain *sc in next chain, chain 1, add large disc, chain 1 again, sc in same space as previous sc (add small disc and sc in next chain) twice. Repeat from * to last large disc.

Step 5: sc in next st, chain 1, add large disc, chain 1 again, sc in same space as previous sc, add small disc and sc in next chain.

Step 6: sc in the next 29 chains, add clasp and sc in next two chains. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

Step 7: I like to also use a needle and matching thread to secure both ends of the clasps to the crochet thread.

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