Uncommon Threads Air Dates

A year after we went to Burbank, CA to tape, Uncommon Threads is finally premiering in early July on the DIY Network (click the link for details). Though the specific Crochet me episode air times aren't listed yet, they've put up summaries of the lamely-titled Contemporary Crochet Home Decor episode (featuring Marlo, Julie, and Tiffany), and the It's My Party episode (featuring me, Cecily, and Donna). There are three more episodes, too, so check back at your leisure.

[Thanks, Chelle!] 

A disclaimer: I'm fairly certain I did not successfully demonstrate any of the techniques I was supposed to show. The camera made me feel like an alien freak, and I do assure you that I know how to crochet, and that, in fact, I do it successfully all the time. Really. But I'm going to stick with writing about it from now on. (From then on, really; you'll notice I haven't been on TV since.)

A year-and-a-half after the story first started circulating, the crocheted hyperbolic space model is still making headlines. This article, though, includes a really cool video of the mathematicians and the models. I highly recommend a look-see.

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