Two-Tone Plaid Reversible Placemat

This is not as complicated as it looks! The reversible design is achieved by alternating a light and dark tone, using a combination of sc and long hdc which are worked into the previous row. The long hdc are worked with the light tone on odd rows and the dark tone on even rows creating the reversible effect. A length of thread is left at each end of the rows for the fringe. The placemats are worked with two strands of thread held together. The vertical stripes are embroidered on the placemat using straight stitches so that both sides are identical. The placemat is completely reversible.

Cotton crochet thread, size 10 – 500 yds of light tone, 450 yds of dark tone, and 160 yds of coordinating metallic per placemat; and a size D (3.25 mm) crochet hook.

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