Twice Crochet Beaded Bracelet


Natalia Capel


This is a little wrist warmer I made although it looks great as a chunky cold weather bracelet. It’s beginners although it can get fiddly. I work in Australian terminilogy which is largely like that of the U.K. so a double crochet is a single US and a treble crochet is a double US. I will try to put both in but if I miss one out I will be using the UK terminology and the US in curly {} brackets.

Materials List

Gold Embroidery Thread – about 8 meters
200 x 4mm (6 per inch) seed beads of various matching colours
Sewing and Knitting needles
Marino Supreme Checkheaton – light weight [3] about 20gms
Size 3.00mm crochet needle – Size 0 US – Europe C2 – 00 UK

Size 6.00mm crochet needle – Size J/10 US and Europe – 4 UK

Finished Size

25cm circumference for the bracelet8cm diameter for the flower


Bracelet – 3 treble crochet (double crochet) per inch

Bead string – 10 chains per inch including the chains containing beads


The beaded chain works best if the tension is varied so as to give a slight random sizing between beads. You will find it easier to string beads onto the length of the embroidery thread and bring a few up near your work at a time. You will need to gently stretch your yarn every so often to tighten the beads into place. That’s what worked for me but I tend to crochet more European style so it’s up to you.

Note you are in effect creating your own yarn which you will use in conjunction with the wool to crochet the flower.

Tip. Avoid having to unravel your flower at any point. The beaded yarn will tend to get caught up on itself. It will take some patience to get it untangled.

The Pattern

For the beaded yarn. Use size 3.00mm (0) hook

Ch 2, bring a bead close to the last chain and ch over the bead. Ch 3, ch 1 with bead. Cont ch 3, ch1 with bead until yarn measures 2.1 meters. See picture below.

For flower. Use size 6.00mm (J) hook. You must crochet using the wool and your bead yarn at the same time.

Ch 4, ch in the first ch to form a circle. * Ch 5, ch 1 in center of circle. * Rep from * 6 times. Fasten off. Leave some wool for sewing remaining beaded yarn onto the bracelet. Finish by sewing the remaining beaded yarn into the center of the flower by using the wool. Leave some wool underneath to attach the flower to the bracelet.

For the bracelet.

Ch 23, * ch2, tr 1 {dc 1} in second ch from the edge, tr 21 {dc 22}*. Repeat from * to * for 5 rows. Fasten off leaving enough wool to join the two shortest ends together.

Sew the ends together as described above. Attach the beaded flower over the sewn edge taking care to cover all of the seam. Stretch the flower if necessary. Ensure each petal of the flower is separately anchored or it will flap about.

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