TV-land and an Apology



Consider my Icelandic Turtleneck in a bowl after washing evidence of my impending trip to Ohio for Knitting Daily TV taping. My nails are done, my hair is coifed (which shouldn't be taken too literally—my hair: I do not coif it), and soon my bags will be packed. I'm psyched!

But now to the apology. I blogged recently about being in need of a new webhost. We've experienced a lot of downtime in the last few weeks (this afternoon, most recently), and our web host has experienced a massive technological glitch, and I thought the two were related. It turns out I wasn't asking the right questions when I was submitting my support requests—our server isn't actually affected by the web host's other problems. Our downtime has been caused by our own database problem, which is hopefully now fixed.

I apologize both to you, dear crocheters, for the inconsistency of the site of late, and to our dear web host, whom I inappropriately blamed.

Have a great weekend, and a great week. Pictures and updates later, gators!

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