Tuxedo Shirt Baby Bib


Cynthia J Luciene


An adorable baby bib, for a boy most likely, that looks like a tuxedo shirt, bow tie and buttons included. 

Materials List

Lily’s Sugar And Cream 100 % cotton in white and black

Size H hook

Yarn needle

Finished Size

Baby bib size!


Not terribly important for this pattern.


DTRC = Double Treble Crochet for bow tie; there are many videos on how to make this stitch on YouTube.

Rows beginning with ch 3, the ch 3 counts as the first dc and each dc row ends with making a stitch in the top of the ch 3 from the previous row (because it counted as a dc )

Be sure to fasten bow tie on well enough that it will not come off and become a choking hazard.


The Pattern

Pattern Instructions can be found here:  Cynthia’s Cynfully Spiffy Stuff; Tuxedo Baby Bib

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