Turkey Talk

If you have the 2012 Crochet Me Amigurumi Calendar you've already met Terrence the Turkey. Terry likes to keep fit by doing pumpkin step aerobics. He's strictly vegetarian.

But maybe you don't know about his twin brother, Perry the Peacock.

Peacock Crochet Amigurumi

Perry mostly likes to preen prettily perched atop pinnacles of one sort or another. He's never even heard of Thanksgiving because in his mind he lives in Paris with all the beautiful birds.

Perry and Terry don't see each other much, what with Perry being on the roof and Terry being on the ground. But you can bring them together again in your holiday décor. Just try not to let them see the big bird in the middle of the table (unless it's tofurkey)

Download the pattern for Terry (and Perry) for free until November 8 at 11 central time (you'll have to do the math for your time zone—or just go download it right now!)
You can also download a Terrence the Turkey screensaver for November! (Just don't tell Perry)

Happy November crocheting!

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