Tunisian mix Handphone Casing




My friends want to learn tunisian stiches, so I try to make a simple pattern for them. I think Handphone casing is a cool one. Everyone have it and it’ll be useful to0

Materials List

Material :
Softy wool 6 ply
Tunisian hook clover no. 6
Gold beaded

China silk ribbon

Finished Size

Length 12 cmWidth 6 cm(You can make another size depend on your Handphone)


Not necessary

The Pattern

Make Ch 15

R1-4 : Tss at each st across.
R5-7 : Tks at each st aross.
R8-11: Tss at each st across.

R12-14: Tps at each st across.

Repeat from R1-14 until the length you need.

Pattern chart instruction :


Finishing :
Joint together 2 side (left and right) with seam stich ( with tapestry needle).
Top edging :
R1 : ch1, sc at the the same st, sc at each st around. Joint with sl st at first ch1.
R2 : Ch4, sk, dc, (ch1,sk,dc) repeat around. Joint with sl st at first ch3.

R3 : same with R1. Fasten off.

Insert ribbon/tail at R2. Slip in and out. Give a stopper at one side. Finish.

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