Tunisian Crochet is New Again

When Tunisian crochet first reappeared on the crochet scene several years ago, I was instantly hooked. The gorgeous thick fabric that could be created with Tunisian simple stitch, Tunisian knit stitch, and Tunisian purl stitch was perfect for warm garments and accessories. The insertion of yarn overs created a basic lace and beautiful drape. But as designers continue to explore the possibility of this crochet technique.

In her newest book, The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs for Time-Honored Traditions, Dora Ohrenstein explores the stitch patterns, lace designs, and project potential of Tunisian crochet. You will also find in-depth information on how to work basic and advanced Tunisian crochet stitches as well as a great introduction to the history of Tunisian crochet. Here is Dora to tell you a bit about the Tunisian crochet's resurgence.

Tunisian Crochet Skirt  
Shantay Skirt

Modern Tunisian Crochet

The twentieth century brought vast changes to women's lives and their roles in the home. While some needlecrafts maintained their popularity through this period, Tunisian crochet seem to have faded from the picture. One is hard pressed to find patterns using the technique in books published in the decades between the 1920s nd 1960. . . .

Only a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find Tunisian designs in crochet magazines. Publishers were reluctant to give the necessary space to explaining the technique and suspected there was not sufficient interest. Then, suddenly, things changed-Tunisian was in the air and everywhere.

  Tunisian Crochet Afghan
  Ariadne Sampler Throw

Who can say why certain pastimes fall in and out of favor? It's just as hard to explain Tunisian's disappearance as it is its resurgence. Perhaps with the steady growth of crochet's popularity, which in turn has led to more sophisticated designs, it was inevitable. Tunisian crochet can yield either solid or lacy fabric that is distinctly different from standard crochet, and with the amazing variety of yarns and fibers now available, designers and crocheters are drawn again to this versatile technique.

Entrelac Tunisian Crochet Bag  
Sierra Bag

What's most exciting about this resurgence of interest in Tunisian crochet, beyond the revival of a technique from the past, are the innovations being explored: Newly invented stitches, varieties of Tunisian lace, techniques for working in the round, and new constructions are showing that the technique is just as relevant in the twenty-first century as it was in its earlier incarnations. In this book, I will share with you some of these innovations as well as some reinterpretations of classics.

— Dora Ohrenstein

This year, discover the possibilities of Tunisian crochet and create innovative projects by pre-ordering The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs for Time-Honored Traditions today.

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P.S. Which do you prefer, Tunisian crochet lace or solid Tunisian crochet projects?


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